Choosing a campsite in Royan

Exploring Royan

Located a stone’s throw away from the Gironde estuary, Royan is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts on the French Atlantic coast. Royan seduces not only with its magnificent beaches, but also with its splendid architecture. A mix between modern post-war buildings and Belle Époque residences, Royan’s architectural style is particularly charming. Royan, the seaside resort of Charente-Maritime is also a city of art and history It is an ideal destination for both adventurers and beach enthusiasts as well as people staying or planning on staying at 4-star Les Chèvrefeuilles Campsite.

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Seaside resorts in Royan

The beaches of Pontaillac, Grande-Conche, Chay, Foncillon and Le Pigeonnier enhance the beauty of Royan. These fine sandy beaches offer a pleasant setting for your dream holiday. For swimming and water sports enthusiasts, the beaches of the Charente-Maritime seaside resort will be sure to meet your expectations. Located on the western portion of the seaside resort, Pontaillac beach is a great surf spot. Pontaillac beach is lively all day long. It is home to Royan Casino and a few restaurants in the surrounding area.

Grande-Conche beach is 2 kilometres long. It is the biggest and most popular beach in the Charente-Maritime seaside resort. The beach’s striped tents add a unique charm. Although it is the largest beach in Royan, security posts are positioned along the beach for visitor safety. During the summer, the beach is home to many children’s clubs. If you’re looking to relax on the fine sandy beaches of Royan in an intimate setting, then take to the beaches of Le Pigeonnier, Le Chay and Foncillon.

Tourist attractions to explore

Royan is above all a historic city with an extraordinary artistic mark. The Royan seaside resort in Charente-Maritime is home to buildings that symbolise the reconstruction of the city after the Second World War. Among these:

  • Notre Dame Church
  • The indoor market
  • The Palais des congrès
  • The waterfront
  • The auditorium

Built in reinforced concrete, the Notre Dame de Royan church has an exceptional architectural style. A visit not to be missed. The indoor market covered is the shape of a scallop. The venue is really quite impressive and attracts the curiosity of many tourists. You will also be amazed by the authenticity and splendour of the waterfront, the Palais des congrès and the Royan auditorium. In addition, discover the city’s history by visiting the Royan Museum. A stopover at the marina during your stay in Royan will allow you to fully enjoy this exceptional Charente-Maritime seaside resort

Activities not to be missed in Royan

While Royan’s beaches are largely part of the town’s identity, they are not the only attraction. A wide range of recreational and sporting activities are on offer for you to try out. Royan is a full of fun and entertaining opportunities. Your children will love:

  • Horse riding
  • Cycling on the Vélodyssée cycle path
  • Hot air balloon flights
  • Jet Ski outings
  • Treasure hunts
  • Trot Rider excursions
  • Royan’s ferris wheel…

The bravest visitors can also book a parachute jump at the Royan aerodrome. A visit to the Palmyre zoological park is home to a variety of animal species. The zoo has more than 1,600 animals on its 18-hectare grounds. Nature lovers can explore the Parc de l’Estuaire de Charente-Maritime, a few kilometers to the south of Royan. Walks on shaded trails, fun exhibitions and hikes in the forest are just some of the activities that await you in this nature park.

Royan: a town for gastronomic discovery

Gastronomy is at the heart of the attractions of this seaside resort in Charente-Maritime. You’ll realise this soon enough when you see the number and choice of restaurants the city offers. While in Royan, why not give in to to the culinary talents of the city’s top chefs. Their traditional savoir-faire will take you on a gastronomic journey through the specialities of the Charente-Maritime. The restaurants in the square offer the best seafood dishes. During your gastronomic tourist trip, you’ll have the chance to explore the region’s gastronomic wealth. The far or farci poitevin (a type of pâté), the broyé du Poitou (a sort of biscuit), and mouclade (moule-based dish) are a few of the dishes that you shouldn’t think about twice before ordering.

Events in Royan that you shouldn’t miss

Royan is unique destination. It offers fun tourist experiences that will make your stay unforgettable. Every year, Royan hosts events that attract both adults and children. Finally awaken the adventurous instinct that you knew you always had and get involved in some of the following exciting events:

  • Architecture Month
  • The Royan Côte de Beauté marathon
  • The regional tennis championship
  • The Jaguar rally
  • The urban sports festival
  • The gourmet hike
  • The Royan Karate Cup…

Here are some key takeaways about Royan. If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing holiday and excursions with family or friends, Les Chèvrefeuilles Campsite in Royan is the right destination for you. As well as the fine sandy beaches of the Charente-Maritime seaside resort, Royan has countless attractions. Young and old alike are bound to find something that will leave long-lasting memories.